Mission and Values

Our Mission


Our Values

Human Values

People are the main asset of the company.

We always remember that our success directly depends on aspiration of Company’s employees to be the best in their field. That is why in our Company we create favorable conditions so that everybody can better realize one’s personal, intellectual and professional potential. The Company takes care of its Staff, values their abilities and encourages creativity.

Our Staff is a competitive advantage!

They enable the Company to take the leading position in the business and to achieve outstanding results.

Consumer is a customer demanding high quality products.

Improved quality and expanded range of products as well as enhanced production technologies are the main dimensions of our work. We improve daily to offer customers the best products. Clear realization of the fact that the customer is the priority of our activity gives us a considerable advantage over the competitors. We are always aimed at results that meet our customers’ expectations.

Partners are the security of our business

We value our partners! That’s why long-term relations based upon mutual cooperation are our work style. We establish relations with our partners on the principles of trust, openness and mutual support. Our professionalism and commitment to universal values make the Company an attractive and reliable partner.

We are responsible to our partners for following the Company’s ethical principles, for timely and precise fulfillment of business terms, for fair competition and development of reliable business relations.

Clients are the basis for our success.

Our business is client-oriented. Client’s tasks and needs are our tasks and needs.

We establish relations with clients on the principles of trust, long-term collaboration, respect and fulfillment of taken commitments. Clients are in the centre of everything we do.


Professional Values:

Honesty is the main value of our business.

Honesty in thoughts, judgments, actions and activities is our credo. We maintenain of high ethical standards reflecting honesty, sincerity, reliability and straightforwardness in relationships as our duty. Honesty is the capital asset of our Company. Every decision taken at work bases upon principles of honesty and openness. People trust us and we deserve that trust.

Leadership is the engine of Company development.

Leadership is every employee’s universal guideline!

Leadership is the ability to inspire others and lead the way, it is the highest results the Company has achieved. Company’s leading position and every employee’s leadership skills are equal and interrelated on the way to Success.

Professionalism is the fundamentals of Company’s development.

We understand professionalism not only as the sound knowledge of all work peculiarities, but also as a non-stop aspiration for new knowledge, skills and achievements. Professionalism enables us to be more effective and efficient than our competitors. Each of us is a professional in his field and committed to achieving results and attaining a leading position.

Innovation is the foundation for Company’s achievements.

The fundamentals of our activity are innovation and professionalism! We achieve Success by introducing the latest production technologies and programs  by finding unconventional ways to solve problems.

We seek for new means to improve the quality of our products and production methods. We follow the innovations and opportunities to suggest new and cost-efficient ideas. Excellent work results are the best evidence!