For Partners

For our suppliers

The principles of fair competition as the basics of economics are not only the fundamentals for the Klion Group’s activity, but also the guarantee of its excellent reputation.

The Company’s good name is important for every employee that is why in our daily work we keep to invariably high standards of professional conduct.

Keen but fair competition and compliance of all regulatory legal acts give the Company an opportunity to improve and develop solely within the limits of law and rules of business culture.

Every employee in our Company is responsible for observing the guiding principles of the business culture, whilst our top managers are responsible for the correct interpretation of these principles by our staff. Company managers are to encourage the business culture that absolutely corresponds to our basic principles.

We aim at being a highly effective Company that can increase the income of the founders, improve the well-being of its employees and benefit the society in which we live and work.

These rules are the essential element of our business success.


For our Clients

Our clients are the people for whom and thanks to whom we work.

Our business is client-oriented. Clients’ tasks and needs are our tasks and needs. We build relations with our clients on the principles of trust, long-term cooperation, mutual respect and fulfillment of assumed commitments.

We consider that customer goodwill, acknowledgement and appreciation of our cooperation are the best advertisement!