Characteristics of Objects

  Zaporozhye Nikolaev  
Volume of unloaded / loaded goods, tons per day 600 800  
Customs Bonded Warehouse trick trick  
Modern equipment to load and unload goods (cargo) trick  
Parking places for cars 30 30  
Parking places for trucks at the territory of Customs Bonded Warehouse trick  
Warehouse capacity, tons 3760 8000  
Storage up to -25°C trick  
Warehouse floorage, sqm 4525 4000  
Continuously guarded property trick  

Two logistical centers situated in Nikolaev and Zaporozhye represent the Company’s logistics network. Huge warehouse complexes were reorganized to unify the Company’s efforts, develop its own transport infrastructure as well as solve a wide range of logistics tasks.

The first logistics center was opened in Zaporozhye. Now it performs overall planning, control and distribution of the Company’s incoming and outgoing cargoes.

The opening of the logistics centres in the seaport of Nikolaev became an important stage in the realization of the Klion Group’s strategic goals. This allowed the Company to independently receive the vessels with products, redistribute the cargo flows, provide technological maintenance and customs clearance of imported cargoes, ensure efficient delivery of goods to both clients and the Company’s regional offices all over Ukraine.



Head Office, Logistical center, Processing plant
236 Skvortsov street
Tel/fax: +380-61-228-52-82
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